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What are the design requirements for the ultra clean worktable?

Aug 14, 2018

Super clean workbench is one of the important facilities in clean Engineering, so its appearance design is also very important. The ultra clean worktable area should be spacious, bright, easy to operate and versatile; it should have transparent double side and wide operation opening, and the observation screen has a certain inclination to improve visibility and comfort, so it is easy to observe.


The table surface of the super clean table is made of stainless steel as far as possible. It is beautiful and durable, the inner corner is smooth and easy to clean; and its front window and side baffle can be made of colorless transparent organic tempered glass. The outer wall can be treated at high temperature for stainless steel plate or cold rolled plate, and electrostatic spray treatment.


One type or separation type can be used on the mesa structure of the super clean worktable. The separation type work table can be extracted from the working area, and it can avoid the transmission of the standard vibration when working. The position of the work table can be adjusted by an electric hydraulic device at any time, which is suitable for operators to sit or stand.


Before and after the ultra clean workbench, it can be equipped with the upper and lower sliding doors, which is flexible and convenient to locate at the right time, so as to avoid the interference of the external airflow to the operation area. The whole circulation and non full circulation can be used in the airflow cycle. The air curtain type isolation design can be adopted, and the purified air curtain flows through the edge of the working table to prevent cross contamination between inside and outside.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/