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What are the effects of the Air shower channel and the applicable objects?

Sep 01, 2017

About air shower, air shower channel name is often heard, but because there are very few contact at ordinary times, So it's not clear what kind of device it is, Moreover, for the effect of the Air shower channel, the application situation, characteristics and so on, I don't know, So just take this opportunity to study.

Air shower channel and Air shower room is actually the same product, but the Air shower channel longer than normal, it is part of the dust-free clean room, staff entrance and out of dust-free clean room must be set such a channel.Of course, the Air shower channel is not so simple, The cushioning effect of airlock chamber is provided.

In its action, the Air shower channel is defined as the effective equipment for personnel dedusting and the prevention of outdoor air pollution.Under the wind turbine, the air in the air channel is filtered through the initial filter into the plenum chamber, and then filtered by high efficiency air filter, the clean air is ejected from the nozzle of the Air shower room.

Because the nozzle Angle can be adjusted,therefore through the clean control can effectively remove dust adhered on the surface of the staff or articles carried by, and blow the dust under the recycle into effect at primary filter , so can achieve the purpose of the air shower.

Usually, the Air shower channel is used in large cleaning area enterprises, of course, it can also be showering applied to the large cargo.As the purification supporting equipment of the dust clean room, the setting of the Air shower successfully solves the cross-infection problem in the process, and make safer to transport and deliver goods.

It is because of this, the Air shower channel is more and more widely in the use of Dust clean room, food, medicine, biological engineering and precision electronics and other fields are used in the production process of such an important device, provide powerful guarantee for the clean production safety.