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What are the environmental requirements of food sterility room

Apr 10, 2019

Food aseptic room is generally 4 - 5 square meters, 2.5 meters high, separate from the outside, can be constructed with plates and glass. Food sterile outdoor to set up a buffer room, staggered doors, in order to avoid air into the bacteria. The sterile room and buffer room must be sealed, and the ventilation equipment equipped in the room must have air filtration device.


Food aseptic room should have one-way air flow device for air sterilization and filtration. Cleanliness of operation area is 100 or super-clean worktable of the same grade is placed. Indoor temperature is controlled at 18-26 C and relative humidity is 45%-65%. The buffer room and operating room should be equipped with ultraviolet lamp or other suitable disinfection devices to achieve air disinfection effect. The static pressure difference between adjacent rooms with different air cleanliness level should be greater than 5 Pa, and the static pressure difference between clean room (area) and outdoor atmosphere should be greater than 10 Pa.


Food sterile indoor lighting should be embedded in the ceiling, indoor light should be evenly distributed, illumination not less than 300 lx. Ultraviolet sterilizing lamps (2-2.5w/m3) installed in buffer rooms and operating rooms should be checked regularly for radiation intensity. It is required to reach 40uw/m on the operating surface. Ultraviolet sterilizing lamps that do not meet the requirements should be replaced in time.www.wxrfcleanroom.com