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What are the factors that affect the filter's filtering effect?

May 16, 2017

There are many factors that influence the filtration effect of the filter,

1, the first is related to the operation of the premise, in order to obtain good filtering effect, generally choose a lower flow rate. The slower the flow rate, the better the interception effect and the clearer the filter. Also, in the process of filtration, do not change the structure of the filter membrane. It has been proved that the movement of the filter membrane is harmful to the filtration effect. Once the structure of the membrane is changed, the particles and fibers are removed from the filter.

2, the particle size of the filter also has a certain influence on the filtration effect of the filter. General filter particles are divided into two kinds of deformation and non deformation. In the course of filtration, the deformed particles will block the filtration net and influence the filtration effect.

3, the choice of filter membrane is also crucial, the same aperture filter membrane, different manufacturers produce products, filtering effect is different, consumers in the purchase, we must pay attention to this problem. Each manufacturer's standard is different, choose the filter film produced by different manufacturers to arouse high attention.