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What are the maintenance work of the clean workbench?

Oct 22, 2018

Clean workbench is a kind of local purification equipment, which mainly uses the air cleaning technology to make the space in a certain operating area to reach a relatively dustless and aseptic state. When used, it must be placed in clean space. The inoculation quantity is not limited by sterile space, and the operation is relatively simple. It can greatly improve the work efficiency and is suitable for large-scale production.


At present, clean workbench has been widely used in medical and health care, pharmaceuticals, chemical experiments, electronics, national defense, precision instruments, instruments and other industries as operating area air purification equipment. According to the actual use of clean workbench, periodically remove the initial filter cleaning, cleaning cycle is generally 3-6 months.


When the initial effect air filter of clean worktable can not reach the ideal cross-section wind speed after normal replacement or cleaning, the working voltage of the fan should be adjusted to achieve the ideal uniform wind speed. Usually after 18 months of use, when the working voltage of the fan is adjusted to the height of the stalk, the ideal wind speed can not be reached, it shows that the high-efficiency air filter has too much dust, and the service life of the general high-efficiency air filter is 18 months.


When replacing the high-efficiency air filter matched with the clean workbench, we should pay attention to whether the model size is correct or not; and according to the arrow wind direction device, we should pay attention to the filter's peripheral seal, absolutely no leakage phenomenon, so as to ensure the normal use of the clean workbench.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/