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What details should be paid attention to in the operation of food aseptic workshop?

May 09, 2018

The food aseptic workshop is a workshop designed to clean up the air dust particles and bacteria in the environment of the food in order to ensure the quality of the food and purify the air dust particles and bacteria in the environment of the food, according to the experience of GMP in the production of drugs. Its operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements, otherwise it will not be able to meet the requirements.


Since the purpose of aseptic purification is to be ensured, the food aseptic workshop should be strictly aseptic to prevent microbial contamination, and the operator should turn off the ultraviolet lamp first in the asepsis room. In the food purification workshop, there should be a sterile room and a buffer room. The cleanliness of the food sterile workshop should reach 10000 levels, the indoor temperature is kept at 20-24, and the humidity is kept at 45-60%. The cleanliness of super net should reach 100 levels.


At the same time, food aseptic workshop should be kept clean and no debris should be allowed to prevent contamination. And strictly prevent all sterilization equipment and media pollution, the polluters should stop using. In addition, periodic disinfection with appropriate disinfectant should be carried out regularly to ensure that the cleanliness of food aseptic workshops meets the requirements.


All articles, such as instruments, instruments and flat dishes that need to be used in the food aseptic workshop, should be tightly packed and sterilized in a suitable way. The staff are also the same. Before entering the food sterile workshop, they must be washed with soap or disinfectant, and then the special work clothes, shoes, and hats are replaced in the flushing room. Masks and gloves, or 70% more alcohol to wipe hands again, can enter the food aseptic workshop for operation.


In addition, the food aseptic workshop must be exposed to ultraviolet lamp for more than 30 minutes before the use of the aseptic workshop. After the operation is completed, the food aseptic workshop should be cleaned up and irradiated with ultraviolet lamp for 20 minutes.


Before testing, the test products should be kept intact and not opened to prevent contamination. Before disinfection, disinfect the outer surface with 70% alcohol cotton ball. All articles with live bacteria must be sterilized before they can be rinsed under the tap, and no pollution drains are strictly prohibited so as to cause adverse effects on the aseptic workshops.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/