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What does air filter G4 mean and the related factors of purification efficiency

Sep 20, 2019

Air filter

What is G4 in air filters? Is it the same as an oil mist separator? In addition, the high efficiency air filter in the air filter, whether its model is different, there are different purification efficiency? The main purpose of putting forward these problems is to solve them thoroughly, so that people can have a correct understanding, and at the same time, they can deepen their familiarity with air filters.

1. What is the specific meaning of G4 in air filters?

Air filters, in different countries, have different levels of classification and expression standards. At home, it has three levels: crude efficiency, medium efficiency and high efficiency. In Europe, it is divided into three levels: G, F and H. Therefore, its G4 is the corresponding domestic crude efficiency level, equivalent to the crude efficiency filter.

2. Oil mist separator and air filter, are there any differences between them? Is there comparability?

Oil mist separators are mainly used to collect and purify contaminated gases such as oil mist, while air filters are aimed at purifying contaminated air. Therefore, they are different in application scope and structure. So the answer to this question is to be different, and these are two different devices, which are not comparable.

3. If the types of HEPA filters are different, do they have different purification efficiencies?

High efficiency air filter is one of the air filters, and its purification efficiency is different for different models. Therefore, the answer to this question is yes, and this is very positive. For example, the purification efficiency of H13 is 99.95%, and that of H14 is 99.995%. In addition, it can reach 99.9999% in the upper limit of purification efficiency.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/