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What elements should be considered in food aseptic workshop renovation?

Oct 06, 2018

Food aseptic workshop decoration design should comply with SC certification, as SC certification requirements are becoming more and more stringent, so decoration of this piece to consider including people, logistics diversion, raw and cooked food diversion and other related requirements; which functions should be aseptic workshop; related personnel audit.


Food aseptic workshop decoration should also consider the corresponding costs, including partitions, ceiling, ground, air conditioning and other parts. The choice of the material of the partition and ceiling color steel plate is a key point. The commonly used materials are glass magnesium plate, rock wool board, silicon rock slab and foam board. There are many choices on the ground, PVC ground, epoxy resin, terrazzo, gold steel sand and cement.


General food sterile workshop can do cement-solidified ground and terrazzo-solidified ground and gold and steel banknote-solidified ground, clean area can paste PVC or do epoxy resin according to the experimental situation; air conditioning is a key consideration, which should be designed from the specific requirements of each functional area; to strengthen communication with the designer.