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What is the high temperature and high efficiency filter process?

May 16, 2017

The main aspects are as follows:

1, 1.5-2.00mm stainless steel frame unique border design, increase the overall strength.

2, 0.03mm aluminum foil clapboard, arc corrugated ditch peak can not only protect the filter paper from damage, reduce the resistance, wind speed even through.

3 、 high quality glass fiber filter paper spacing 4mm, increase the filter area, dust content, resistance, filter efficiency.

4, one component adhesive long-term high temperature of 250 degrees, the temperature tolerance seal to prevent leakage.

5 、 glass fiber filter material, high temperature resistant special rubber gasket.

6 、 widely used in hospital operation room, hospital, bio pharmaceutical, laboratory, circuit board, microelectronics, optics, LED, photoelectric, QS food processing or purification equipment, higher temperature requirements of the clean working environment.

7, high temperature and high efficiency filter for instantaneous, maximum temperature of up to 300 degrees, constant temperature of up to about 250 degrees, stable and reliable performance.

8, high temperature resistant HEPA filter can be used if imported, domestic filter paper, filter paper, filter cost will increase than the domestic filter.