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What is the role of turbulence cleanroom constructed by the purification and installation company?

Sep 08, 2018

With the development of science and technology, no matter how the outside world changes, the clean room constructed by the purification and installation company can maintain the cleanliness, temperature, humidity, air flow in the standard range. The clean rooms used by the cleaning and installation company are divided into two types: laminar flow and turbulent flow.


For the turbulent clean room constructed by Purification and Installation Company, its main characteristic is that the cross-section of the air flow from the flow to the outflow is changed, because the cross-section of the clean room is much larger than that of the air supply outlet, so the air flow generated by the clean room can not form uniform flow in the cross-section of the working area of the room. Therefore, because the angle between the air supply outlet and the curvature radius become smaller and larger, it is impossible for the air flow to flow in a single direction in the clean room, and because of the impact between each other, it will gradually form a backflow, vortex and other phenomena.


When a clean air flow from the air supply outlet into the room, quickly spread around, mixing, and at the same time almost the same amount of air flow from the return air outlet, this clean air dilution of indoor air pollution, the original dust concentration of indoor air diluted, until the balance. Thus it can be seen that the more uniform and faster the air flow diffuses in the clean room, the better the cleaning effect.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/