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What is turbulent clean room in purification project?

Apr 02, 2019

First of all, we should know about the purification project. To a large extent, it is to control the cleanliness of products (such as silicon chips) in contact with the atmosphere and their temperature and humidity, so that products can be produced and manufactured in a good environment. For the design and construction process of this environmental space, we can actually call it a purification project.

Speaking of the turbulent clean room in the purification project, its main characteristic is that the flow section of the air flow will change from the flow to the outflow (from the air supply outlet to the air return outlet), and the section of the clean room will be much larger than that of the air supply outlet. That's why we will notice that it can't work in the whole room or in the whole room. On the section of the working area, a relatively uniform air flow is formed.

So, as far as the streamlines behind the air supply outlets are concerned, they will have a larger or larger angle with each other, and the curvature radius will be smaller. So, as far as the airflow is indoors, it is actually impossible to flow in a single direction. In this way, they will actually collide with each other, and there will be recirculation or vortices. Life.

On these aspects, to a large extent, it determines the essence of turbulent clean room flow in the purification project: abrupt flow; and its non-uniform flow. These characteristics, in fact, are more accurate and comprehensive than using turbulence to describe turbulent clean rooms.

Moreover, on the other hand, for the turbulent clean room in the purification project, it mainly depends on the Reynolds number, in fact, it will be affected by the flow rate. However, when we use the top air supply with high efficiency filter, even if the flow rate in the purification project is very low, in fact, it will produce the above results in different meanings.www.wxrfcleanroom.com