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What kind of clean engineering company is worth choosing

May 22, 2019

In recent years, the importance of clean engineering is increasingly recognized, and the number of clean engineering companies is increasing. For all trades and professions, clean engineering company is indispensable for building clean workshop and implementing clean engineering. Choosing an excellent clean engineering company should first depend on whether the clean engineering company is formal, whether it has complete certificates and qualifications. Among them, the most basic certificate is the national air purification project qualification, divided into two levels, three levels.


Secondly, we should understand the technical strength of the clean Engineering company, including the level of designers and constructors. Only a strong clean engineering company can provide high-level design plan and implement it one by one. Only in this way can the construction quality of the purification workshop be guaranteed, and the investment and unsatisfactory situation of the purification workshop be avoided.


Thirdly, we should know the past project cases of the clean Engineering company, the scale and difficulty of the project implemented by the company, and the reputation gained by the company after the completion of the project. If a clean engineering company has large-scale and difficult engineering cases, it is worth choosing. Finally, we should check whether the clean engineering company is reliable and know the reputation of the clean Engineering company: whether there is Jerry work in the project, whether the purification level is set according to the actual situation of the enterprise, whether the equipment with high cost performance can be used.www.wxrfcleanroom.com