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What problems should be considered before installing efficient air outlets?

May 03, 2018

In fact, there are many things to pay attention to before the installation of the high efficiency air vent, if the installation is not in place, then it will be directly related to the clean room, that is, the cleanliness of the dust free workshop. So in the process of installation, we need to take into account every small detail, and then we will share some of the issues that need to be considered before the installation.


First of all, before installation, be sure to check the size and efficiency requirements of the high efficiency air vent, and ensure that the site design requirements and customer application standards are consistent with the clean room. In addition, before installation, it is necessary to do a good job of cleaning up the installation site. If the dust in the air conditioning system is cleaned, cleaning and cleaning should be carried out. The cleaning requirements should be reached, and the interlayer or ceiling should be cleaned, and the air conditioning system must be cleaned again for more than 12 hours and clean again.


Secondly, the installation should be well sealed. In general, it is required to seal the gap between the outlet of the air inlet and the joint between the ceiling panels. If abnormal problems are found, installation is not allowed. Moreover, the installation of air outlets and the air pipes must be well connected. The open ends should be reinforced with plastic film and tape to tighten the air.


If these points are not well grasped, it will directly affect the clean standard of the whole clean room, which will have some negative effects on the later production, and therefore need to be paid attention to. And the safe transportation of the high efficiency air vent should be placed in strict accordance with the sign of the manufacturer, and the light and light vibration and collision should be avoided in the course of transportation.


In addition, before installation, it is necessary to test the performance of high efficiency air outlets, mainly to check whether they are qualified and whether there is any leakage problem. In the process of installation, we should pay attention to reasonable deployment according to the resistance of the high efficiency air outlets, so as to meet the actual production requirements.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/