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What special requirements do we need to follow in entering clean Engineering?

Nov 27, 2018

In order to maintain the proper cleanliness, there are special requirements for clean engineering. For example, at the first door, there is a blue tape sticking on the ground, stepping on it and gluing the soles, then taking off the shoes and carrying them in your hand, and then putting them in the designated personal shoe cabinet. The shoes at this time are not the shoes we usually wear, but the working shoes immediately changed into the workshop. The shoes will not be taken out of the workshop.


After storing the shoes, walk to the door of the air shower room of the clean engineering, pick up the small black cloth sheet and wipe it on your face several times according to the prescribed steps, then enter the air shower room; when you get out of the air shower room, you have to wipe your face with water-soaked paper according to the prescribed steps, and those who wear glasses have to wash their glasses.


Next is the clothes-wearing link in the cleaning project, first with hair nets to ensure that all the hair is in the hair nets and the ears have to go in; then with a purifying cap, only the eyes are exposed on the back of the head, and other parts are covered; and then wear purifying clothes that connect the upper body with the lower body, as well as purifying shoes; In order to wear rubber gloves, the glove must be pulled out of the first cuff of the sleeve and the second cuff of the sleeve must be pulled out of the glove.


Finally, wash your hands with gloves. After washing, you must dry them before entering another air shower room. The air shower time should be no less than 28 seconds, so that you can enter the clean project correctly.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/