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What the technical parameters of the Air shower system included?

Aug 31, 2017

In the beginning, the computer was usually involved in the system, and now the system is not limited to the computer system, but it is slowly infiltrates into the industrial realm.For example, the Air shower and other industrial equipment will also apply to the system program, and can also improve the efficiency of the Air shower.

Of course, it is because of the help of the system program that the operation of the Air shower is more and more convenient, and the safety performance is obviously improved.So, what are the technical parameters of the system program?Let me introduce you to this, and we hope that we can help you.


A friend who has used the air shower should know that when we entrance or leave the system, the system will give a voice prompt and provide the result of security testing.The specific operation is: when the staff opens the front door, after entering and closing, the light sensor in the system will automatically detect whether the door is closed to the operating standard.

If the closing operation is found to be not meeting the standard requirements after the test, the system will alert the alarm.When the door is closed, the Air shower system can provide two different types of wind patterns.One of them is the mandatory wind shower pattern.If this mode is selected, After the staff enters the wind work area, you can start the host to wind the wind, without waiting.

If the choice is two out of one pattern, this is the infrared sensor wind pattern.This mode mainly refers to after the staff enters the infrared emitter to block the infra-red, the wind shower system will automatically start the device to be shower。

hen the Air shower is over, the backdoor will automatically open because of the Air shower system.When the staff goes out, the back door closes automatically with the front door operation.That's the end of the Air shower.