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When you buy the air shower

May 24, 2017

Air shower is the staff into the clean room or clean room necessary buffer purification equipment, it can minimize the staff into and out of the clean room caused by pollution problems, air shower to buy what need to clear what matters? Followed by Xiaobian together to understand it.


Steel air shower

1, the purchase of air shower room need to pay attention to the air shower inside and outside the box material. The main material of the box according to the different air shower prices can be optional: cold rolled steel plate multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying or all stainless steel composition.
2, material thickness. Stainless steel SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc., different materials, the thickness of the box is different from the air shower prices are different.
3, the size of the size of the air shower, the size of the installation of the air shower as long as the location of the venue can be slightly larger than about 10mm, but be sure that the wall to the same size of the vertical case, otherwise it will cause the air shower position is too small The air shower cabinet can not be installed in the specified position.
4, optional air shower also pay attention to clear air shower delivery, delivery location and consignee-related contact, so as not to delay the normal delivery time and place.


Steel baking paint air shower