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Which conditions should be met before construction of dustless clean room?

Apr 24, 2018

From the drawing of the clean room to the formal start of the construction, some basic conditions need to be met. For example, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable design of the clean room in the drawings, including the cleanliness and temperature and humidity requirements, the number of indoor personnel, the area of the clean area, the height of the ceiling, the height of the sub beam, the height of the main beam. Degree. Is there any other pipeline in the suspended ceiling?


At the same time, we should also pay attention to the production type of clean room, the heat production and moisture content of the main equipment, the air volume of equipment, the requirement of clean area exhaust air, positive pressure, whether the host has brand requirements, the position of water supply pipe in the water pump tower, the ground condition and lighting design of the clean room.


The first step is how to calculate the cold load without problems. The first step is to calculate the cooling load. It is necessary to determine the meteorological parameters of the city first, and to determine the indoor cold load, including the maintenance of the cold load of the structure, the cold load of the personnel, the load of the new air cooling, the cooling load of the equipment, the reheat and cooling load and so on.


At the same time, we must calculate the air flow rate and the ratio of heat and humidity required during the operation of the clean room, then make the heat and humidity ratio line on the drawing, and then determine our enthalpy difference according to the amount of wind and heat we calculate. Then the enthalpy difference is obtained. Then we can determine the air distribution point, and then we can base on the enthalpy wet map. Even if the new wind load, reheat load.


Finally, we will add all the loads after calculation, and choose the host in the dust-free clean room according to the cold load. Of course, in addition, we should also consider the selection of efficient filters, junior middle school filters, booster boxes, pressure heads, water pumps and towers.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/