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Why is air filter material more efficient and efficient?

Aug 31, 2018

Air filter is a kind of filter which has wide application. Therefore, only after a comprehensive understanding and understanding of this kind of filter, we can know how to correctly operate and rationally use, and obtain good filtering effect, so as to make the best use of the material. Therefore, the next step is to explain the relevant knowledge of air filters, and the details are as follows.


1. Why should pre filter be used when the high efficiency air filter is used?

High-efficiency air filter, which is a specific type of air filter, in its use, is required to use the pre-filter, because this use can bring some benefits, is to reduce the load of high-efficiency air filter, as well as to extend the life of this filter. In addition, this kind of air filter material is made of very fine glass fiber, can be used as the air conditioning system of primary and secondary filters, and according to the actual situation and use requirements to select the appropriate filter material.


2. Are there different standards for air filters?

Air filter is a kind of filter, from a professional point of view, there are different standards, and in different standards have different representations. Domestic standards are divided into three levels: initial, intermediate and high efficiency, but in European standards, the filter is represented by three capital letters G, F and H.


3. Can air filters remove all impurities in the air?

Air filter, which is used to filter and remove impurities in the air, plays a role in purifying the air. Generally speaking, compressed air from the gas source contains excessive water vapor and oil droplets, but also some particle impurities, so the use of air filters to remove these above, so that these materials damage components, or shorten the life of components. However, if there is gaseous water and oil in the air, the air filter can not filter this effect, so the air filter can not remove all the impurities in the air.


4. Is the filter material of different grades of air filter the same?

Air filters, there are different levels, in the country is divided into three levels of initial, medium and high efficiency, but in the filter material type, is completely different, so to briefly explain.


Initial effect air filter: filter media is generally non-woven, wire mesh, glass mesh and nylon mesh of these four kinds.

Medium-effect air filter: filter material is glass fiber, polyethylene foam plastics and by polyester, polypropylene, acrylic fiber made of synthetic fiber felt.

High efficiency air filter: the filter material is ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, the pore is very small.