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Why is the application of air shower room more and more widespread?

Sep 21, 2019

Nowadays, with the application of air shower rooms becoming more and more diversified, the categories of air shower rooms are becoming more and more abundant. For example, we can divide it into personal air shower room series and material goods shower room series. The main blowing methods adopted are unilateral, bilateral and top blowing. It also includes manual doors, automatic doors and fast shutter doors for users to choose from.

So, do you know why the application of air shower room is more and more widespread? In fact, this is not only due to the stricter and stricter requirements of many jobs, but also because of the continuous improvement of its performance. For example, it uses cold plate spraying series, but also can use multi-layer pickling technology, electrostatic dust-free spraying treatment. Moreover, there is a very convenient control method in processing time. Users can adjust the time of air shower by themselves, and display the time of air shower already used.

In addition, the basic configuration of air shower room products is also very advanced, such as the main equipments include stainless steel handles, thickened stainless steel floor and stainless steel nozzles. This equipment adopts fully automatic control mode, so it runs reliably and stably, and is easy to manage.

In the process of showering, because of the advanced performance of the air shower chamber, it is very convenient to realize automatic induction for showering, and double doors are locked when showering. The design concept is advanced, so the wind speed of the air supply system can reach 25 m to 32 m per second. In this way, people and goods entering the clean room can be guaranteed to achieve the perfect effect of complete dust removal.

That is to say, after using the air shower room, some pollutants can be prevented from being brought into the clean room, so as to ensure the strict dust-free purification standards. Only by meeting these standards can we eventually produce high-quality products.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/