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Why is the clean shed the most practical and simple clean room in the dust...

Dec 20, 2017

In practical application, the clean shed has quickly won the favor of a large number of users by the advantages of simple installation and short construction cycle. That is to say, we can build a simple clean room in a short time at a faster rate. In addition, the design and production of the clean shed can be carried out in combination with the requirements of the cleanliness grade and space collocation in different applications.


In addition to these remarkable features, in fact, the clean shed is also removable, so it can meet the requirements of many users. From the composition, it mainly consists of the stainless steel square, the FFU air supply filter unit, the antistatic curtain or the acrylic plate. Usually, the surrounding supports are mainly made up of industrial aluminum profiles or stainless steel square passes, etc., and are treated by electrostatic spraying, resulting in strong corrosion resistance.


From the appearance, the clean shed is very beautiful and beautiful. However, the selection of different materials will directly affect the cost. The most common sheets are cold rolled steel plates and stainless steel plates. Also, it can choose the curtain around or glass and other materials, will be related to the final cost.


So, do you know the working principles of the clean shed? In the whole work area, the first is the fresh air is filtered using a FFU fan filter unit, and then through the effective filter second filter processing, the outlet side at a certain speed to the shed, clean air flow to the vertical unidirectional flow direction, will be required to ensure that the entire range of cleanliness.


To sum up, in fact, the clean shed is more convenient in practical applications, not only to meet the needs of different users, but also more importantly, the clean shed has obvious advantages, such as simple use, simple installation, short construction period and mobility. As a result, we mainly apply it to a variety of local Gao Jie cleanliness, such as electronic, circuit board and other fields.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/