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Wind speed, time and nozzle design of wind shower window

Jun 20, 2018

Some important technical parameters about the wind transfer window are discussed. First, it is its wind speed. It is proved that the efficiency of dust removal is almost maximum when the wind speed is above 20m/s. With the increase of wind speed, the change of dust removal efficiency is very small. For different sizes of dust, the larger the particle size at the same wind speed, the better the dedusting effect.


As the wind transfer window is between clean and unclean areas and frequent use, the resistance of the filter rises rapidly. Therefore, although the initial wind speed of most wind drenching chamber is more than 20m/s, it can pass through acceptance, but after a period of time, the wind speed will decrease and the efficiency of dust removal will decline rapidly. Therefore, the initial wind speed of the new wind shower window should not be less than 25 m/s, preferably above 28m/s.


Next is the shower time of the wind shower window, which should not be lower than 30s, especially the small particle dust. At present, the wind shower window in the market can set the shower time freely, usually the highest time can be set to 99S. Besides, there are strict requirements for the nozzles used for air shower windows.


For example, the wind transfer window nozzles blow out the angle. When the high speed airflow passes through the surface of the object, the dust on the surface is taken away directly. If the adhesion of dust on the surface of the object is stronger or attached to the gap of the fabric, only when the air is blowing in the air, it causes the material to vibrate continuously, so that the dust in the gap can be cleared. In order to cause the vibration of the clothes, the air flow can best blow to the surface of the clothes at a certain angle, which is usually 30 degrees -60 degrees.


The shower nozzle is generally located on both sides of the shower area, and each side has 6 nozzles on each side. Because the structure is limited, the height of the nozzles on both sides of the nozzle is not less than 1m. In addition, most of the nozzles used on the wind transfer window are adjustable in direction. The direction of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the actual use, so that more parts of the surface of the body can be blown.