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Working methods of clean bench and different standard configurations

Oct 13, 2017

At present, there are many types of clean bench in the market, which are divided according to different criteria, such as operation structure can be divided into unilateral operation and bilateral operation.If the flow direction can be divided into horizontal flow  and vertical flow clean bench;From the practical use Angle can be divided into ordinary super clean bench and the biological clean bench.Before you buy an clean bench, it's important to know what the categories are and how it works. 

Clean bench are usually equipped with uv germicidal lamp, in addition to electrostatic equipment, stainless steel orifice desktop, ULPA high efficiency filter and other accessories, in a specific space, clean bench through the fan will indoor air suction filter, and then by small centrifugal fan pressure, plenum chamber , and then by the plenum chamber into efficient filter for the secondary filter

After filtered air with a vertical or horizontal airflow sent out, filter out the wind out of the surface have certain and uniform cross section clean air wind speed, effectively carries off dust particles and biological particles, make the operation area to achieve the level of cleanliness, the formation of sterile high and clean working environment, to meet the demand for cleanliness.

For the clean bench, the installed fan and filter can reflect the technical level of the whole equipment. Generally, the smaller the particle, the higher the filtration efficiency, the better the performance.The clean bench in the domestic market can be roughly divided into three types: economic, common and high-grade. The basic configuration is also different.