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Working principle and application effect of laminar flow cover

Feb 09, 2018

The laminar cover can provide the user with a certain cleanliness standard working area. This is because it can filter the air with a certain wind speed, form a homogeneous flow layer, so that the clean air is vertical and unidirectional flow, so as to achieve the purpose. The clean laminar cover includes two forms of the fan inside and the fan, and the installation way can also be suspended, or a landing bracket.

For users, the main function of the clean laminar hood is to provide clean space within the local scope, and it can be installed on the technological point that needs Gao Jie cleanliness flexibly. According to the actual situation, you can choose to use it alone or in combination. The whole structure of the equipment is compact and reasonable, with less space and convenient to use.

The working principle of laminar cover:

In the process of the clean laminar flow cover, the air is filtered through a high efficiency filter at a certain speed, forming a homogeneous flow layer. In this way, the clean air will flow vertically in a vertical direction, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the space required.

Application of laminar cover:

Under normal conditions, the cleanliness of the clean laminar cover can be reached as follows: the dust of 0.5 meters in the working area is not more than 3.5 / liter. The operation noise is not more than 64 decibels, and the average wind speed is 0.3 to 0.55 meters per second.

The obvious advantages of the clean laminar flow cover:

Comparatively speaking, the main advantage of the clean laminar hood is that it can save a lot of investment cost in the practical application, and has quick effect, low requirement for the plant civil construction, convenient installation and low energy consumption. Now the clean laminar cover has been widely used in precision machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and fine chemicals and other departments.