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Working Principle and Purification Requirements of Air Purification Unit

Apr 08, 2019

Air purification unit in the operation process is mainly driven by fans and motors to circulate its air, polluted air will effectively remove pollutants in the role of the air filter, so that clean air will be released to the indoor, so as to ensure that warm people breathe clean air indoors.


Many air purification units have different purification technologies, so their working principles are slightly different. Therefore, users need to choose air purification equipment carefully. The main reason is that the market of air purification equipment is not mature enough. Many businessmen will make excessive use of the second best, totally ignoring the interests of users.


In the process of purchasing, users should choose their normal channels and products of regular merchants. The quality of products is always the most concerned factor for users to purchase goods, as well as air purification equipment which is closely related to people's lives.


The air purification unit can realize its rapid purification in the process of operation. At the beginning of the operation of the air purification equipment, it is suggested that the maximum air flow shield should be operated for at least 30 minutes, and then be effectively adjusted to other gears, so as to achieve the effect of rapid air purification.


When removing outdoor air pollutants, it is suggested that the doors and windows of the air purification unit should be kept relatively sealed so as to avoid the degradation of the purification effect caused by the large amount of interaction between indoor and outdoor air during the use of the unit. If the unit is used for a long time, attention should be paid to the periodic ventilation.www.wxrfcleanroom.com