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Clean Bench Described In Detail

Nov 14, 2017

This article will mainly introduce a currently belong to product of new-style uniflow clean bench. This product USES is the fan system with adjustable air volume, collocation is moved up and down at the same time, are free to move the door location. Thus in the practical work, users can touch your clean bench switch to adjust voltage size, ensure the workspace wind speed has been in the ideal state.

1, clean bench, areas of application: as a good commonality of local air purification equipment, clean bench application in many areas of production is widely used. Such as right now it's mainly used in medical, pharmaceutical, biochemical experiment, precision instruments, electronics, instrumentation and other industries, at the same time also can provides the a sepsis dustless pure environment the local clean bench.

2, clean bench, for users, under normal circumstances, in the process of using the clean bench, can get the clean class rating is class 100 operating environment. The device of flow pattern includes two kinds, a kind of horizontal laminar flow type, another kind of type for vertical laminar flow. Due to the use of ultra-thin hepa air filters, no so overall footprint area is relatively small. In addition to make clean bench, the workbench face the raw materials used for high quality stainless steel material, and organic glass as WeiDang, users can according to need equipped with UV lamp remote control electric interface. The control panel for touch electronic control panel, fan air volume can realize stepless adjustment, keeping the working area of wind speed in the ideal state.

3, clean the workbench environment and conditions of use: in order to guarantee the use effect, during the application of clean bench, first to ensure that the temperature of the working environment, often should keep at 5 to 35 ; Their work environment relative humidity shall not exceed 85%. Atmospheric pressure force should be kept between 86 kPa to 106 kPa, maximum dust concentration for 3500 / L.