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Clean Room Pollution Control Technology Program

May 16, 2017

Clean room pollution control technical scheme

The main task of air purification is based on the air cleanliness level of various products production process, different processes, all kinds of room needs to take measures to clean air filtration technology will be suspended in the indoor air pollution of granular or chemical molecular material reduced to a permissible concentration. Clean indoor pollution sources mainly from four aspects: dust and microorganisms 1 atmosphere, dust, bacteria, purifying air conditioning system into 2, operating personnel; dust; 3, building envelope, facilities here include dust, wall, ceiling and floor and some exposed pipeline production dust; 4, equipment and production process of producing dust.

In order to ensure the cleanliness of the air in the cleanroom for product, environment or other purposes, a variety of comprehensive technical measures are required to meet the requirements. These include: comprehensive measures should be adopted to produce less pollution production technology and equipment, pollution or take necessary measures to prevent the negative pressure isolation and production process have to spread around, the interior decoration materials and equipment dust less, not easy to breed microbes like; reduce pollution of personnel and materials into the indoor maintenance; the production environment relative to the adjacent room or outdoor low cleanliness class with positive pressure, prevent outdoor or adjacent room air carrying pollutants through the doors and windows of other cracks, holes into the clean room; strengthen management, cleaning and sterilization in accordance with the provisions of.

In addition to the above technical measures, for the production of clean room environment or other use of indoor environment control in the air cleanliness level requirements, technical measures is important after the clean air treatment needs into a sufficient amount of dilution generated during the normal operation of the indoor pollutant pollution after air to replace or. Clean room air purification room cleanliness level is according to different requirements, different ways to clean air after treatment in varying amounts, while removing the corresponding number of carrying produced in the indoor pollutant stained by dirty air, such a dynamic balance, make indoor environment to maintain cleanliness in the air the required level of.

Currently, the most important and widely used method of cleaning air into clean rooms is air filtration. Clean air into the clean room, mainly rely on various parts of the air filter air supply system set up different properties, used to remove suspended particles in the air and microorganisms.

The new technical solutions in the clean room pollution control area will be described below:

(1) treating the chemicals in fresh air by wet air treatment in traditional water jet chambers. In recent years, many studies have been carried out in Japan to prove its effectiveness. Japan three machine industry company uses pure water and tap water to carry on the comparative research to the water jet processing of the gas, thought that the tap water is higher than the pure water purification rate, this is because of the water ion and so on influence.

(2) HEPA filter sterilization (sterilization enzyme filtration panel). The toxicity of metal ions to sterilization, such as silver is higher than the exchange type Yang fiber air filter (IEE - Ag), it can use the natural enzyme extracted from in vivo (combined with the level of molecular level in fiber paper is fixed on the) will dissolve the cell wall of bacteria in order to achieve the purpose of sterilization, is a the safe sterilization measures, which prevents the two pollution produced by microbial growth on the filter.

(3) UV photoelectron air purification method. This method is different from the ordinary electrostatic filter, the method of using ultraviolet irradiation produces photoelectric effect on the metal film, electrons and negative ions in the air to make the pollutant charge flow and dust collecting pole. At present, it has been applied in the limited small space.

(4) except sea salt particle filter, the particle size of sea salt particles is 1-lO, and the median particle size is about 3-4. Along the coast area, the average salinity in the air is about 1 (lower than that in the general area), and can reach 100 under the strong wind such as typhoon. This situation is very bad for micro electronics factories. Now there are two kinds of measures: 1) filter used even in large quantities of salt precipitation after the attachment is not easy; 2) to a spray section and the water block plate in the air conditioning box into the first section, the sea salt particles trapping 90%, followed by ordinary air filter to remove trapped particles. The water used for spraying should be discharged directly and will not be recycled. The microelectronic plant for coastal installations should be considered in the air conditioning unit.

(5) in recent years, Europe has developed an intelligent purification system of intelligent air ion purifying system, intelligent IONAIR ion air such as Switzerland LK company of purification system, high pressure ionization principle it uses ion generating unit of work, the release of positive and negative oxygen ion stable electric group, charged oxygen ion and substance VOC the reaction can be divided into and, at the same time charged oxygen ion package and kill bacteria, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying air odor removal, in the process, will produce a small amount. In order to ensure the indoor air quality in the best condition, the system is also equipped with intelligent control system, the wind speed, wind and humidity sensor and the pipe on the air return pipe and air pipe and the air quality sensor can detect the data to the controller to control the work intensity of ionization, ion generating unit, automatic control of indoor air quality at the same time, these data through the transmitter and the network, can be remote monitoring