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Clean Room Principle

May 16, 2017

Clean room principle

I. definition of clean room: clean room refers to the room where the air cleanliness reaches the required level. Its function is to control the pollution of particles (dust particles). To meet the requirements of precision product production and scientific experiment activities. Clean room is not limited to "clean", integration of different industries and departments have function requirements are quite on the temperature, temperature, illumination, noise, vibration, static electricity, is a set of architectural decoration (decoration and the atmosphere is relatively closed off), air conditioning, water purification products, pure gas and electric power, electric lighting, piping and other professional technology, clean room (or clean room)

Two. Classification of clean rooms: classification by use (divided into two categories)

1. Industrial clean room - with the control of inanimate particles as the object. It mainly controls the pollution of air, dust, micro material to the working object and keeps the positive pressure inside.

It is suitable for the precision machinery industry, electronic industry (semiconductor integrated circuit) high purity aerospace industry and chemical industry, atomic energy industry, industrial magneto-optical products (CD, film, tape production) LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard disk, computer head production and other industry.

2 、 biological clean room: to control the pollution of living micro material (bacteria) and non life micro material (dust) on the object of work. Can be divided into: (1) general biological clean room, mainly control microbial (bacterial) object pollution. At the same time, the internal material should be able to withstand all kinds of sterilization, and the internal pressure is usually maintained. In essence, its internal material should be able to withstand various sterilization treatment industrial clean room.

For example: the pharmaceutical industry, food, cosmetics, beverage products production, animal laboratories, physical and chemical laboratory, blood stations and so on.

(2) biological safety clean room: the main control object of life, micro material to the outside world and human pollution. Keep the negative pressure with the atmosphere inside.

For example: bacteriology, biology, clean laboratory and Bioengineering (recombinant gene, vaccine preparation)

According to the classification (according to the air flow can be divided into four categories:) unidirectional cleanroom (laminar flow, piston flow), clean rooms, radiation flow (Xie Liu) clean room, clean room (mixed flow turbulence, laminar flow.)

One way (Ceng Liu) clean room (also known as vertical, parallel, parallel flow), the air flow at a uniform cross sectional speed, along the parallel flow line, in a single direction in the whole room under the cross section of the clean room.

The principle and characteristics of the three and clean room

1 Definition: definition of clean rooms is not uniform airflow to flow velocity is not parallel, clean room with reflux or vortex.

Principle 2: turbulence cleanroom air flow continuously diluted indoor air, the indoor pollution is gradually discharged to the real calamity clean (clean rooms in the general design level is more than one thousand to 300 thousand grade purification level).

3 characteristics: clean rooms is repeatedly to clean and clean air solid disaster and clean level. Air purification level decision without hesitation of definition (number more, the higher the level of purification)

Four, clean room (air purification) structure: a combined purification air conditioning unit, clean air, clean air pipeline pipeline, plenum, high efficiency filter, porous diffusion plate, clean room, clean room partition, ceiling, new air return air louver