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Clean Unit Head Material Characteristics And Scope Of Use

Nov 16, 2017

Used clean unit head of a friend should be more clear, the product has many advantages, it can not only work in a long time to maintain good working condition, and noise during the operation is very small, there is less vibration, easy installation. In addition, users can be adjusted according to the need to clean the unit head speed, easy to use.

At the same time because its also can be used for modular connection, so clean unit head quarter in the current got very extensive application in industrial field. For example, we can be applied to clean room, clean production lines, clean work station, packaged clean room and local best level in the workplace. Due to its including early, at the same time efficient two-stage filter, so the fan in the process of from the top in air, the air will successively after early, high efficiency filter filter. After the clean air can be sent at the appropriate speed, guarantee the purity of the scene. At the same time, the user can adjust according to need, in order to meet the different size, different level of cleanliness of clean room, clean air environment with high quality. By comparison, clean unit head quarter in improvement refurbished for the new clean room and clean workshop, not only can achieve higher cleanliness, but also can greatly reduce the cost. Therefore we can say clean unit head belong to a clean environment is the ideal device. At present is mainly applied to 10 to 10000 dust-free workshop, facilitate overall concentration control. Especially in semiconductor, electronics, flat panel display and disk drives and other products has a good application in production advantage.

So far, clean unit head of its own advantages, and high cost performance features such as quickly occupied the market. Because clean unit head structure design is reasonable, thus can save a lot of space. In addition, during the life of the user, can combine to adjust wind speed and air volume.