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Dust-free Clean Room Must Be Equipped With High Efficiency Air Supply Outlet

Nov 07, 2017

As a whole, dust-free clean room air conditioning purification system is indispensable equipment, it can serve as ideal terminal filter device, is widely used in electronic industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, plastic industry, biological medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, etc. Usually 10,000,000-300,000 grade clean room terminal filter, is one of the key to meet the requirements of purification engineering purification equipment.

Choose efficient air ports, mainly because it can not only ensure air jet speed, prevent the formation of eddy current; And its shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate production, the surface electrostatic spraying, appearance is beautiful and easy, cheap.

Commonly used efficient air supply outlet products can be divided into two categories, one is replaceable filter form, there is a one-time tuyere forms, respectively for different levels and the structure of the various maintenance dust-free clean room.

Before installation, please be aware of the specifications of the high efficiency air supply outlet, efficiency requirements, must conform to the requirements for dust-free clean room scene design and customer application standards; As well as cleaning and good products and to thoroughly clean dust-free clean room clean; And the high efficiency air supply outlet to conduct a comprehensive inspection, to ensure the normal use.