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How Should Clean Room Clean?

May 16, 2017

Method for cleaning a clean room:

Different ways to clean a clean room:

1, vacuum cleaning

2, use cleaning tools for wet cleaning

3, disinfection

4, sterilization

Vacuum cleaning can be carried out either by centralized vacuum piping system or by automatic vacuum cleaner. Wet cleaning is the most widely used method. Clean cleaning is prohibited in a clean room because the particles that fall off the cleaning tools (rags) are blown around and blown and electrostatically taken during cleaning. The use of wet cleaning, the cleaning tool, the tool uses the particle is peeled from the surface, and the decomposition of oil remnants. The operating sequence of wet cleaning is described below. In biological clean rooms, disinfection, disinfection and wet cleaning shall be carried out simultaneously. In individual cases, mist is sprayed into the air of the room. In aseptic production, clean rooms (isolation devices) are sometimes used, i.e. gaseous sterilization (hydrogen peroxide, steam, peracetic acid, formalin, etc.). Always keep in mind that the purpose of cleaning is to remove the pollution from the clean room, not to move the pollution from one place to the other, or to carry the pollution out.

Cleaning materials, tools, and equipment

To clean by washing materials (the disinfection solution in medical and pharmaceutical industries), cleaning tools (solution containers, brushes and mops) and materials (cloth cloth, the different uses of the microporous sponge). The use of wood cleaning tools not all tools and equipment should be clean and regular replacement, do not use damaged tools or scratches and other damage to the concave notch cleaning tool, tool should use attribute mark.


Stainless steel or plastic drums shall be used, with adequate attention to the integrity of the barrel, especially the plastic barrel, which is prone to cracks and scratches.

Mop and sponge

Mop for cleaning the walls and floor, the best use of a mop water squeezing device, the device is used for cleaning sponge, sponge ISO5 above the level of clean room should always be in the wet state. Before use, check that the sponge is broken because the fracture will become a source of particle divergence. Also can use other structure mop.


The flat roller used for cleaning the clean room has the same adhesive material surface as the Dycem ground. The roller can be used to clean the surface between the filter and the wall, and the roller should be cleaned and dried with cleaning material and disinfectant.


A brush is, by its very nature, a welcome in a clean room. It has a lot of voids to hold dirt, but in many cases, it's not enough without it. The brush can not be used for large dirt (broken glass chips), inaccessible parts and holes, etc. No bristle brush shall be used, and plastic brush with plastic fiber should be adopted.


Clean cloths are selected according to the use of clean rooms. Clean surfaces are needed.