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How To Choose An Air Purifier

May 16, 2017

There are a variety of different technologies and media in the air purifier that allow users to provide clean and safe air. Constant material technology mainly has photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEPA HEPA filter material, negative ion generator, etc.. The domestic market of existing air purifier for this compound, which also uses a variety of purification technology and material.

Two points need to be considered when choosing an air purifier:

First, whether it is absolutely safe, and whether an air purifier is safe is the basic prerequisite for deciding whether it is desirable. Clear ecological air purifier through the EU CE certification, and through the NASA official certification, the winner of the The Pentagon Medal of honor, the core shell, are used in Europe and America advanced materials, safety and environmental protection, no poison, no two pollution.

Second, whether the principle of scientific purification, to achieve efficient air purifier effect, the international general air purification principle has five kinds, physical, electrostatic, chemical, negative ion and composite type. In general, the use of a variety of purification methods of air purifier, the purification effect will be better. Clear ecological air purifier using APT active purification, PCM photocatalytic purification and other purification methods. The world's original APT with active purification, lively oxygen rich molecules and anions, purification medium actively walk into every corner of the room, and actively carry out disinfection and purification, purify the maximum effect, thereby purifying relatively large area, is a general cleaning 3-5 times, and does not have two pollution.