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Installation Requirements For Dust-free Clean Room Piping System

Dec 18, 2017

A complete dust-free clean room system will include all kinds of clean equipment, and a reasonable piping system will be arranged so that it can be used for real cleaning.Normally when we installed in the pipeline of dust-free clean room, we must pay attention to the room no set pipe shaft and the technical way, due to the main pipeline are exposed pipe, so the piping must be considered when it is beautiful, try to rely on a wall to decorate.

And the branch of dust-free clean room pipe system is installed in the technology interlayer normally, and the ventilated pipe, cable bridge bracket, the water pipe, the process pipe share the technology interlayer. In the construction, we should pay attention to the coordination of the relationship between the respective works, determine the order of construction, do not interfere with each other, ensure the elevation of the pipe installation, the slope, and the principle of the maintenance of the future.

During the construction process, the pipeline of dust-free clean room is according to construction drawing to match to the first stages of practical point technology mezzanine, wait for equipment approach in place, all is demonstrably start after installation and correct secondary piping;And the piping must be carefully checked for the interface orientation, specification and size of the device, and the installation should be taken after the prefabrication of the equipment, so as to minimize the number of pipes, fittings, valves and stents in the clean room.

When the pipe needs to pass through the ceiling of the dust-free clean room, the casing should be installed in the floor, and the pipe and the casing must have reliable sealing measures.In addition, the stainless steel tube should be used in the exposed pipe ,the dead Angle and caecal tube should be avoided.

In all, the installation of dust-free clean rooms should meet the principles of rational layout, orderly arrangement and convenient maintenance.The installation of other accessories should also meet the requirements.For example, the control valve shall be installed for easy operation of the exposed pipe in the clean zone. The surface of the valve shall be polished and supported by a special stainless steel tube to make it beautiful.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/