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Parts Of Pharmaceutical Workshop Layout Basic

Nov 17, 2017

Pharmaceutical workshop layout arrangement, must be in accordance with the requirements of the production as the foundation, at the same time as far as possible to ensure the cleanliness of the entire pharmaceutical workshop. Here we mainly to share about the basic requirement of layout, hope can provide the reference.

1, to minimize the pharmaceutical workshop building area: first of all, we should understand that in the process of pharmaceutical workshop layout must comply with the corresponding cleanliness requirements. Under normal circumstances, the higher cleanliness requirements, then the corresponding investment cost is higher, so, in the case of meet the production requirements, the need to minimize the clean workshop building area.

2, reasonable decorate pharmaceutical workshop: in the process of layout, must adopt scientific and reasonable way, as far as possible make the structure is compact and reasonable, in order to reduce the area of the clean room. Pharmaceutical workshop closed the door of clean room requirements, and is equipped with pneumatic brake material import and export. And for the same requirement of clean room had better be to arrange together. In addition, the clean room should maintain a positive pressure, clean room space also need according to the level of high and low order connection.

3, pharmaceutical workshop line is using dark apply best way: considering the various aspects of pharmaceutical workshop production requirements, in setting up pipelines, it is best to use dark apply is done. If require the use of Ming fu line, you will need to ensure that the surface smoothness, sandwich or horizontal piping shall be installed at the same time technology is technology, through the vertical line of floor suggestion tie-in technology shaft at the same time. 4, pharmaceutical workshop interior should be conducive to the clean: in addition to this, the entire pharmaceutical workshop environment also must conform to the requirements of the production, all the walls, floor and the top part should be to ensure that the level off is smooth, no cracks, no static accumulator, tight joints, no particles fall off etc. And in each joint should take appropriate measures to reduce dust accumulation, and is conducive to the clean work.