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Structural Design Requirements For High Efficiency Air Vent

Dec 21, 2017

The high efficiency air supply can help to purify systems that are required for different cleanliness levels. As an ideal terminal filter device, it has been widely applied in the air conditioning system of medicine, hygiene, electronics and chemical industry. Therefore, it can be said that in the current industrial field, high efficiency air vent has become one of the key equipment to meet the requirements of purification.


From the overall analysis, the reason why the high efficiency air vent has so many advantages is mainly due to its own structural design. It is mainly composed of a pressure tank, diffuser plate and high efficiency filter, which are connected in time and the wind pipe can be used, or is connected with the side of the top. So, in the design of the structure, what should the main requirements be met?


First of all, when designing the effective frame of the air inlet, the box structure is usually made of high quality cold rolled steel sheet, and then electrostatic spraying is applied to the outer surface, and the distributor is distributed. Secondly, the design of the whole structure is more compact and reasonable, which not only saves the occupied area, but also has excellent sealing performance. When selecting the air inlet mode, the side air or the top air can be selected in combination with the actual needs.


In some cases, if there is a relatively special working environment, the requirements for the structural design of the efficient air inlet are stricter. So when we can adopt compact design, it is recommended to choose an integrated high efficiency filter air outlet at this time. In addition, users can choose different insulation layers and stainless steel materials.


At present, the high efficiency air vent in the market can be divided into two types, one is traditional and the other is an integrated and efficient air vent. The latter can also be divided into two super thin and thin ones, all of which belong to primary air outlets. For users, the replacement of the outlet of the structure is simpler and the overall structure is simple and reliable, and the air supply is uniform, and the maintenance is simple.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/