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The Cleaning Methods And Matters Need Attention Of The Clean Room

Nov 21, 2017

Summing up experience, the cleanliness standards and plane layout of the clean room are different, and the corresponding cleaning methods are also different. Therefore, the clean methods of the clean room should be correspondingly used. When the general cleaning method is set up, a number of factors also needs to be considered.

If we can see that there is dust inside the clean room, it is clear that it is not in accordance with the clean standard, and it must be cleaned at this time. Because there are many particles when cleaning the clean room, the air conditioning system will be all started to minimize the pollution caused by the cleaning process.

When cleaning the clean room, the cleaning medium is usually in the bucket, remember to be diluted with distilled water or deionized water or the cleanest water that can be obtained. In particular, for the cleaning of the key areas of the clean room, the cleaning medium and disinfectant with good cleaning effect which has less damage to the peoducts and lower concentration must be chosen.

As the cleaning staff of the clean room, it is necessary to wear the same standard clothing and gloves before cleaning. The requirements of the cleaning speed is as slow as possible, so as to minimize the diffusion of particles, to ensure the clean more effective, and the clean room can be restored to the rational cleanliness standards as soon as possible.

When a bottle with a nozzle is used to spray the cleaning solution or disinfectant for the clean room, since each spray may release more than one million particles, it is possible to cover the nozzle with a duster cloth when spraying the liquid, such as the use of a hand pump may be better. 

Because the bacteria will grow in the diluent cleaning solution, the fresh cleaning solution should be compounded from the concentrate when cleaning the clean room and make the storage time to the minimum. At the same time, the containers with cleaning solution should not be topped up frequently after being placed. The container should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after use.