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The Setting Requirements Of Relevant Sanitary Facilities In The Clean Room

Dec 05, 2017

For the clean room, in addition to paying attention to some of its core facilities, the construction process for the construction personnel and sanitation construction requirements can not be careless, such as change rooms, shower bath, hand-washing disinfection facilities, toilets and so on.

The clean room in general will have a suitable change room compatible with the number of processing staff, and the change room is required to connect to the clean room. If necessary, set up change rooms for the processing personnel working in the cleaning area and non - cleaning area, and separate them from the channels in their respective areas of work. At the same time, the change room should maintain good ventilation and lighting, and can be sterilized by the installation of the ultraviolet lamp or ozone generator.

The size of shower bath in the clean room should be adapted to the number of processing staff in the workshop. The shower bath should be well ventilated, the ground and wainscot should be built by the light-colored, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion preventive and impermeable materials. And at the entrance of the clean room, the hand-washing disinfection facilities should be set up compatible with the number of personnel.

In order to facilitate the production of hygiene management, the bathroom connected to the clean room should not be located in the processing area, and should be located in the changing area. The doors and windows of the bathroom are required not to directly open to the processing area. The wall space, ground, doors and windows of the toilet should be built by the light-colored, easy to clean and disinfect, corrosion preventive and impermeable materials, and equipped with flush water, hand-washing disinfection facilities.

In addition, the storage facilities of the clean room are also an integral part. Its setting requirements are to ensure that in the storage process of the raw materials and auxiliary materials prepared for the production processing, the quality will not be affected by the changes in the production use and new safety and health hazards.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/