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What Is The Role Of Clean Room

May 16, 2017

The clean room mainly controls the pollution of air, dust and particles to the products produced by industry, and maintains the positive pressure form in the clean room. The cleaning room covers the following industries: precision machinery, electronic semiconductor, electronic integrated circuit, chemical industry, food and cosmetic industry, medical equipment, biological pharmacy, injection molding industry, etc..

Biological clean room: mainly control bacteria, dust particles:

1, general biological clean room: mainly control microbial (bacteria) object pollution. At the same time, the internal material should be able to withstand all kinds of disinfectant erosion, the internal pressure is generally guaranteed. Its internal material should be able to withstand various sterilization treatment industrial clean room. Such as: pharmaceutical industry, food, cosmetics, beverage product production, animal laboratory, etc..

2 、 biological safety clean room: the main control object of life particles for the outside world and human pollution. Keep the negative pressure with the atmosphere inside. E.g. bacteriology, biology, clean laboratory, etc.