High Efficiency Static Pressure Metal Mesh Plate Liquid Tank Seal Operating Room Filter Air Cleaner

High Efficiency Static Pressure Metal Mesh Plate Liquid Tank Seal Operating Room Filter Air Cleaner
Product Details

Clean laminar flow hood

I. Application

As an air purification unit for providing local clean environment, clean laminar flow hood can be flexibly installed above the technology points with high cleanliness, which can be used not only in single, but also in combined banding clean area; after air passes through high efficient filter at a certain speed, uniform flow lay can be formed with vertical unidirectional airflow, so as to ensure cleanliness in operation areas that can meet technology requirements. It is widely used in electron, medicine, national defense, science and technology and bioengineering, etc. as an ideal device which can meet the requirements for high purification level in low purification areas.

It is applied to sites with high cleanliness in precise electronic operation rooms, such as places for production of semiconductor, electron, flat-panel display and disc drive as well as optics, bioengineering and other sites with strict control on air pollution.

II. Characteristics

The equipment can create local high cleanliness environment in low clean conditions, which can make the local working environment reach hundred level, and independently form air return system or can be connected with pipeline system with flexible purification area, so as to realize newly building or reconstruction projects for high cleanliness areas in electron and medicine industry.

The equipment has tidy and flexible design in hanging or stand supporting form, which can be applied in different sites for customers.

It is equipped with low consumption and low noise centrifugal fan and damping device, and high quality 304 stainless steel is used for case with solid structure and safe and reliable electric system.

Picture for laminar flow hood


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