New Laminar Flow Hood Fan Filter Unit Vertical Horizontal Flow Bench,table

New Laminar Flow Hood Fan Filter Unit Vertical Horizontal Flow Bench,table
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Purification unit and laminar flow hood

As a local air purification device to meet various needs, purification unit can meet air clean environment required for various production and scientific experiments. Areas under control of laminar flow cabibnet composed of various purification units or other purification equipment can reach cleanliness at level 10, level 100 and level 1000. Based on customers’ needs, various purification units can be equipped with high efficiency air filter or super high efficiency air filter.
Purification unit can be used in modular connection, which is widely used in clean room, clean production line, clean room in assembly type and local level hundred places, etc.


1.It is internally installed with high efficiency air filter and fan.

2.With low height, the system design can effectively save height space.

3.With light weight, the structure dimension can be changed based on various ceilings design.

4.Case is made of stainless steel.

5.Diffuser plate is built in with more reasonable indoor flow organization and more uniform air speed.

6.It is easy to install the device in the technological interlayer of clean room, which can also be directly used in rooms with assembly and combination.


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