Professional Supply Ordinary Conveyor Belt Stainless Steel Piece Electric Lift Door Self-transfer Pass Box

Professional Supply Ordinary Conveyor Belt Stainless Steel Piece Electric Lift Door Self-transfer Pass Box
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Delivery window

Delivery window is a specially used for preventing pollution during goods delivery among clean areas and non-clean areas or clean areas at different levels, which can prevent polluted air from entering clean areas or air in low cleanliness areas from entering high cleanliness areas, so as to effectively ensure cleanliness in working areas. In addition, automatic purifier can be added to keep a clean state during goods delivery. The two doors for delivery window can be equipped with electronic chain or machinery chain function as well as installed with ultraviolet sterilization lamp and head lamp.
The shell of delivery window is made of 1mm steel plate with plastics spraying, and the clean working table is made of stainless steel, while stainless steel manufacturing is available for the overall window.

Usage: as auxiliary equipment in clean room, delivery window is mainly used for delivery of materials among clean areas with different cleanness classes and between clean areas and non-clean areas, so as to reduce the number of opening for clean rooms, prevent non-clean air in low level rooms from entering high level cleanliness rooms during delivery and minimize the pollution in clean rooms.

electronic interlocking delivery window

Types of delivery window:

mechanical interlocking delivery window

Automatic purification delivery window


1. Inner wall and the surface are made of stainless steel or the inner wall is made of stainless steel, while the surface is made of cold-roll steel sheets (with coating). The overall inner wall and surface are bright and clean without dead angle, which is easy for cleanness; glass observation window is set up with sealing strip installed to ensure air impermeability.

2. Doors are controlled by mechanical interlocking or electronic interlocking device, and the two doors cannot be opened at the same time, but one door is open, while the other is closed.

3. Microcomputer is used to control and operate delivery window. Indicator lights are set up for door opening;

4. Automatic purification delivery window can ensure inner space of the window to meet purification requirements.

5. Head lamps and ultraviolet sterilization lamps are equipped.


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