Efficient Medical Disinfection Cabinet Automatic Doors Equipment Cabinet Clean Pool Transfer Pass Box

Efficient Medical Disinfection Cabinet Automatic Doors Equipment Cabinet Clean Pool Transfer Pass Box
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Medical disinfection cabinet can produce 254nm ultraviolet light through ultraviolet sterilization lamp to make degeneration of DNA and RNAV of bacteria and virus, so as to avoid breeding of cells. Among all sterile techniques, ultraviolet light technique has the greatest extensive adaptability of sterilization, which can effectively eliminate all bacteria and virus. Ultraviolet disinfection technology will not cause secondary pollution to the water and surrounding environment because of being free from any chemical agent.


I. Main control: imported MCU microcomputer control program;

II. Display on large screen in Chinese, which makes working conditions clear;

III. Touch inductive switch with convenience for use, and uninterrupted contact is good for safety and durability;

IV. Disinfection by ultraviolet light;

V. Separate timing for use, which can adjust disinfection time at will;

Introduction to ultraviolet sterilization: ultraviolet sterilization works within ultraviolet light UV-C wave band, with the strongest sterilization within scope 2. Close-range and high strength radiation can eliminate 99.9% of the bacterial spore on the surface of the objects, and vegetative form of bacteria can be killed at only 1s; for traditional chloration and ozone methods, it shall take 20 minutes to one hour to reach the effect of ultraviolet light for sterilization.


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