High Quality Chemical Test Bench Anti Static Workstations ESD Food Drying Tower Automatic Induction Dryer

High Quality Chemical Test Bench Anti Static Workstations ESD Food Drying Tower Automatic Induction Dryer
Product Details

Stainless steel experiment table

I. Table board and cabinet

1.0m  Stainless steel plate can have the best acid and alkali resistance through bending and stamping.

II. Water channel, faucet and the parts made through bending and stamping.

III. Reagent frame

It is made of Baosteel level I cold-roll steel sheets through acid pickling and parkerising with epoxy resin power electrostatic powder spraying and the spraying thickness is (with a certain capability for acid and thermal resistance).

IV. Water channel

High density pp: highly corrosive resistance, such as aqua regia; surface texture: surface of the channel edge is made in leather grain with carving and scraping resistance, which is consistent with the surface texture of a large part of deck plate;

Accessories: high density PP anhydrating, filter disc and water blocking cover.

V. Faucet

It is made for professional tests in laboratories, and the valve is made of cooper mold with high strength ceramic valve element, which can realize rotation at 90o with the service life of 500 thousands of start and stop and maximum pressure withstand in static of 35 bar; the hand shank is made of acid and alkali resistant and high strength polypropylene material, with the surface processed through epoxy resin powder high temperature burning and painting; it is made in acid and alkali resistance as well as heat proof, which can prevent ultraviolet radiation and rust; accessories: dismountable copper water nozzle, which can be increased with splashing proof filter.

VI. Drip rack

The rack and drip stick are made of high polymer pp materials with water discharge hole set up in the middle of the chassis tray.

VII. Socket

It is a high quality multifunctional socket made in one-time injection molding of PP grinding apparatus with water proof function.

VIII. Wire box

Wooden black baked varnishing wire box used for laboratories; (optional—steel wire box, aluminium alloy wire box and pp wire box)

Product features: antibacterial property, easy for cleaning, strong bearing, long service life, environmental protection without radiation and shock resistance without cracks.

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