High Strength Disinfection Lock Drug Cabinet Clean Bench Automatic Doors

High Strength Disinfection Lock Drug Cabinet Clean Bench Automatic Doors
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clean bench


Vertical flow clean bench

Clean bench is air purification equipment to provide local dust and bacteria free working environment, which can manually control discharge of the polluted air in the workspace through special filter channel to avoid damage to human body and environment; as a safe clean bench specially used for microorganism, it can be widely used in biology laboratory, medical treatment and public health and bio-pharmaceuticals industries, etc., which has good effect on improving technology conditions, protecting health of operators and improving product quality and rate of finished products.

Product Introduction


Applicable ambient

Temperature: 5℃∽35℃;

Relative humidity: not greater than 85% (+35℃);

Maximum dust concentration: 3500 pieces/L (grain size not less than 5)

Safety Precautions:

1.Open position for exhaust valve has been set up, and it is forbidden to change the setup state.

2.It is forbidden to make the sliding door opened at the height beyond the “safety standard” during operation, otherwise, it will cause injury.

3.Replacement, maintenance and overhaul of filters must be taken after sterilization for the bench.

4.The bench is composed of case, high effect filter, air supply unit with variable air volume, middle effect filter, working bench and static electricity removal ion gun. The case is made of thin steel plate with stoving varnishing on the surface. The working bench is made in full stainless steel structure with removable installation, which is convenient for cleaning.

5.The working bench adopts direct control method with fan switch, lighting switch and static electricity removal ion switch equipped for direct control of the equipment.



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