Professional Customized Level I II III Biological Safety Cabinets

Professional Customized Level I II III Biological Safety Cabinets
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Biohazard safety equipment is an experiment operation platform designed with good air impermeability and equipped with hepa filter, mainly used for experiments and production operation in light radioactivity for microorganism with certain danger to human body and environment. Based on several international standards for biohazard safety equipment, it can be divided into level I, II and III to meet requirements for bioresearches and epidemic prevention. The classification for the safety equipment has nothing to do with the biosafety levels.
Level I biohazard safety equipment can only protect operators and environment but not samples. The flow principle is the same to fuming cupboard of laboratories, and the difference lies in the HEPA filter installed at the exhaust port.

Level II biohazard safety equipment has the widest application at present. Based on NSF49, level II biohazard safety equipment can be divided into four grades as per the inlet air velocity, discharge method and circulating method: grade A1, grade A2 (originally grade B3), grade B1 and grade B2. Generally, level II biohazard safety equipment is divided into type A and B, and the most important difference is that air of type A will be discharged into the space of laboratories, while air of type B equipped with discharging pipes and fans will be expelled from the laboratories.

Level III biohazard safety equipment is designed for biosafety level of laboratories at level 3-4; the equipment is completely gas tight, which is under operation of working staff through the gloves connected to the equipment body, commonly known as glove case; experimental articles enter and leave the safety equipment through the transit case with two doors to avoid pollution, and it is used for biological tests with high risks.


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