Customized Stainless Steel Small Clean Filter Weighing Chambers,hood

Customized Stainless Steel Small Clean Filter Weighing Chambers,hood
Product Details

Weighing room

1.Equipment features

Weighing room is local purification equipment specially used for pharmaceuticals, microbial research and scientific experiment sites, etc., which can provide a vertical unidirectional airflow; a part of clean air makes circulation in the workspace, while the other part is discharged to the adjacent area, so as to make negative pressure generated in the workspace and to prevent cross contamination, used for ensuring high cleanliness work environment. Dust and reagent weighing and packaging in the equipment can control spillover and rise of dust and reagent, prevent danger to human body from inhalation of dust and reagent, avoid cross contamination of dust and reagent and ensure safety of the outside environment and personnel inside. Weighing region is protected by vertical laminar flow at the level thousand.

2.Structure features

This equipment is composed of workspace, return air box, fan casing, air-out box and outer box. Control panel is located in the front of the interior workspace in the equipment; as a light touch type LED control panel, it can control fan start and stop, adjust fan operating comditions and adjust air speed required in workspace (operating conditions of the equipment shall be adjusted by specialized personnel after installation). There is a differential pressure gauge near the equipment to test the resistance of the filter, and air exhaust adjustment panel is designed in the interior of the air supply box to adjust exhaust air volume of the equipment in a reasonable range (after installation of the equipment, it shall be tested by professionals, and please do not make adjustment without authorization).


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