High Quality Automatic Electric Food Picking Conveyo Belt Conveyors Grain Handling for Bulk Materials

High Quality Automatic Electric Food Picking Conveyo Belt Conveyors Grain Handling for Bulk Materials
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Belt conveyor

also called pvc belt conveyor, has been widely used in household appliances, electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, tobacco, molding, post and telecommunications, printing, food, etc. and assembly, detection, debugging, packaging and transportation of articles, etc. There are different methods for line conveying based on technology requirements: common continuous operation, beating operation and speed change operation, etc.; the line can choose: straight line, curve and slope, etc.; conveying equipment include: belt conveyor, also called ribbon conveyer or travelling apron conveyor, which is economic logistics transportation equipment indispensible for rhythmed assembly line. Based on conveying capacity, belt conveyor can divided into heavy belt machine, such as mine belt conveyor, light belt machine used for electron and plastics, food and light industry, chemical engineering and medicine, etc. Belt conveyor has strong conveying capacity with long distance for delivery, simple structure and convenience for maintenance, which can realize programming control and automatic operation. Articles at the weight of less than 100KG or powder and grain objects can be conveyed through continuous or intermittent movement of the convey belt, which can realize transfer for upslope and downslope with high speed and stable operation and low noise.


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