Supply Powered Curved Climbing Assembly Telescopic Belt Elevator Conveyor

Supply Powered Curved Climbing Assembly Telescopic Belt Elevator Conveyor
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Belt conveyors

Conveyors in different belts can be made based on customers’ needs. There are movable and fixed conveyors with lifting and falling through electrical machine and manual work; customers can order different types of conveyors based on the onsite conditions.

I. Structure and application scope for belt conveyor:

It is mainly composed of rack, conveying belt, belt roller, tensioning gear and gearing, etc. The body is made of high quality steel plate, and the rack is formed through the difference of height for the front and rear supporting legs with a certain tilting for the plane. The rack is equipped with belt roller and carrier roller, etc. used for driving and supporting conveying belt. There is gear motor drive and motorized pulley drive for the conveyor.

Belt conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, coal, water and electricity and mine, etc. for conveying materials in bulk or finished products. During equipment production, it is widely applied to convey of stone production line.

II. Features of belt conveyor:

1. Large conveying volume, simple structure and easy maintenance.

2. Standardization of parts, with conveying through a single set or more sets based on conveying process.

3. Stable conveying with low noise.

4. Low energy consumption and use costs.


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